Ram Gopal Varma Sensational Tweet On Sridevi’s Death

No matter what the sensational director Ram Gopal Varma is talking about, it’s really a big surprise. He is unable to cope with the death of prominent actress Sridevi who died on Saturday night. When he heard the news of her death, he said that he got a message that Sridevi was dead and he did not care about that message. But after a while, there were more than fifty messages, and he was unable to hear the news of her death.

He believes that Sridevi is Goddess, and that he does not know that there is death to the Goddess, he did not like to leave him and go to God. The forensic report in Dubai has recently revealed that she does not die of a heart attack. He responded. Recently he was responding to news of her death. People always talk about Sridevi’s beauty, her body, gestures, lips, and waist.

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