Reasons Behind Sridevi’s Death Cosmetic Surgeries Killed Her

Athi Loka Sundari “Sridevi” died on Sunday night 11:30 pm. This is sad news for all Indians. The main reason for her death is taken over care of glamor, Sridevi has taken of her with the utmost care, doctors said that she has taken more cautious about her physical and beauty and she has left her fans.

She is the first heroine who has replaced the bold nose with the surgeon, Since then her surgeons have been keeping her physicist slim, and she has followed the tight diet for that. Her age is 54, She was eager to see fit as a slim when going with her two daughters.

Sridevi has often undergone surgery in a hospital in South California. Not only nose, the rupture in the face of the operation, and then the lips and implants are trying to change the physic. Then she will maintain her physic carefully. Not only that there are many similarities between American pop sensation Michael Jackson and Sridevi.

Michael Jackson and Sridevi were born in August, but it is different in age. That’s why Michael Jackson has been doing his whole life surgeries to change the color of the birth. To make a white appearance without wrinkling, the nose and lip shell performed countless surgeries throughout the body.  Sridevi, who is madly in love with him, is almost on the same path. Another tragedy is that both die of heart attack.

It is meant to take medicine instead of exercising for control over the body, which is clear about Michael Jackson. The doctors shocked by seeing his dead body, in his stomach mostly all are vitamin tablets. Now same as doctors have revealed Sridevi used hydroxy drugs to maintain her Physique. They kill the appetite and increase the metabolic rate. Heartbeat also makes it fast. That is the reason why Sridevi might have come to a Heart attack.  Fans are saying that her overwhelming beauty was the main reason for her death.

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