Reddy’s Lengthy Risk?

If the inside sources are to be believed, Sreenivas Reddy’s Jayammu Nischayammu Ra (JNR) is over-lengthy. Talk is that the film’s run-time is close to 2.42 hours which is high considering the films in recent times. Also, the narrative is reportedly slow. This is said to be risky as one has to see whether crowd would be able to sit that long for Srinivas Reddy unless comedy works like fireworks.

This apart, the film is having decent buzz. Even the film’s trailer that released got good talk. The director has revealed the film’s story in the trailer in order to set the right kind of expectations. Krishna Bhagawan, Posani, Praveen seem to be refreshing in the film.

Although Srinivas Reddy’s first attempt as hero (Geethanjali) was success, he didn’t gain much out of the film’s success. So, naturally, Reddy is going all out in promoting JNR and hoping that it’d cement his position as bankable actor.

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