Reduce Your Stomach With Horse Gram



Horse gram called Ulavalu, Guggillu in Telugu is one of the top and most loved dish of Andhra Pradesh individuals.

Horse gram-Ulavalu-Guggillu is an Excellent Natural Fat Burner, so you can lessen your tummy-stomach with Horse gram

The following is the stallion gram soup-Ulavacharu for level stomach:

30 gm of presoaked stallion gram is bubbled in 500 ml of water till the beans mollify. The beans are squashed well .The blend is separated and the soup is spiced with a squeeze of cumin (jeera ) powder, shake salt and pepper powder

It is perfect to drink this soup/stock in the winters as it may be ‘warmth producing’.In the summers the amount ought to be diminished. Fledglings can begin with 15 gm of the beans as they may not stomach it well and after that bit by bit increment the amount to 50 gm.

 By drinking this you not only reduce your weight but your Stomach-Belly-Tummy will also be reduced and the loose stomach-tummy-belly skin will also disappear.

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