Reflecting the economic emergency

Inability to Modi, it unawareness: Uttam
– abandoned the common currency were to seriously trouble the comment
– burned an effigy of Modi .. Uttam arrested tipisisi  
 witness, Hyderabad, and notes that it has dissolved the country’s economic emergency conditions .. The inability of Prime Minister Modi, president N tipisisi clue pointing to blame. Uttam Kumar said. He said that the common people were seriously drug problems. To protest the cancellation of the notes on the way to the burning of effigies known as pradhanimodi tipisisi was called. As part of Hyderabad on Monday by burning an effigy of Modi caurastalo abidsa, Uttam to take part in the protest said that the task order. Prime Minister Modi failed to completely black out the titalo taralina abroad .. camouflage it abruptly canceled the said notes. Understanding of the notes to be canceled, without any obligation to comment the decision was taken by the madness.

Despite such okkapaisa asked raledemani out of money. .. The extraction of money, but money was not against the Prime Minister, Modi said titalo out of the vicious lies buoyant yalanni had been lost, said people were being hampered. Indian black money in foreign bank accounts, each bringing Modi has assured that it will at the rate of 15 million rani, yet also give okkapaisa demani said Uttam. Modi Ana locita, knowledge of the hasty decision of the Conference of torment were different for the poor people of essential commodities, he said.

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