Regina Hugs Her Pillow Every Night

Regina Who Entered With Sudheer Babu SMS Movie And Attracted Audience With Her Beauty. She Acted In Few Films but Glamour Became Plus Points to Her.If She Had Free Time, Then She Will Spend at Jim.She Said In Many Interviews that My Fit Body is Because of Struggling Free Time in Jim.


She Revealed Her Secrets With Her First Picture Only. When She Heard Few Rumors About Her, She Reacted Violently and Said You Should Believe the Rumors when you have seen Directly. I Will Do Romance Only In Silver Screen. But I’m Not Interested in Real Life Romance.

4142488-regina-cassandraShe Also Said That I Never Like Flowers at the Same Time I Like My Pillow, Every Night When I Sleep I Hug My Pillow, I Like it Very Much. Said Regina.

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