Renu Desai Comments Asifa Issue: Actress Renu Desai has responded to the rape of girls in the country. She shared her disappointment. “Asifa, Nirbhaya, a 16-year-old girl in Nawal … These are of different ages. There is no connection between the caste or the region, but the one thing to note is that these victims are all girls. By seeing all these, are we done mistake by borning as girls?

To avoid such incidents, people have been asked to take the leading lawyer, a well-known social service activist and a police superintendent to take action to prevent people from happening again. But how many programs we have done, rallies have no use, ” Said Renu Desai.

Renu Desai Comments Asifa Issue

“We are constantly watching the sexual assaults and injuries on girls. In the social media, we have been standing on rallies in many discussion venues and roads to avoid such incidents. Yet these events did not stop, and there was no change in the demons committed to these actions. Whenever the government is making stringent laws, it’s just that these heartbreaking. Until then we have all the responsibility to take care of our girls. Fathers have been raping her daughters and her daughters are going to do the same. So let’s keep our little girls safe, “says Renu Desai on her Facebook Wall.

On the other hand,┬áRenu Desai, who recently cameFaceBookBook Live, said she had been involved in the ‘Memu Saitham’ with Manchu Lakshmi. Renu said that she worked for the Divya Jyoti Foundation that she was very happy to be involved in such a good show. 35 children from this foundation come to this show, everybody should watch this show. All of these programs that are good for poor children are good for everyone to help as much as possible for everyone.

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Ranu Desai is known as the love of all his fans. Renu Desai is playing the role of a dancing program in Telugu. Now Pawan Kalyan fans are very proud for Renu Desai.

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