Are Restrictions On Withdrawing Easing After Dec 30th

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After demonetization, there have certain limitations on Withdrawing the money from bank accounts. But From the high-level sources, we got the information that these restrictions were easing after the 30th Dec. Indian Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi have announced the banning of 1000 rupee, and 500 rupee notes Decision On 8th Nov. 50 Days have completed After announcing Demonetization but problems not solved. Keeping Restrictions on withdrawing their money from banks have created some anger on Modi from all over the India. So to relax them Modi will give a speech on 30th Dec evening.   

Are Restrictions On Withdrawing Easing After Dec 30...?

In his statement, Modi may talk about the easing the limitations on withdrawal. Modi took this decision to relax the people. Due to Modi’s decision, the economic rate of India has gone far down. And value one Rupee also decreased. In Today’s market, the cost one dollar is approximately 69 rupees. So have India to make a way to go back its position in the economy. On 30th Dec evening Modi addresses the people about the demonetization and the results of taking this decision. Right now from bank people can take the amount of 2,500 per day and 24,000 per week/month and 2,000 ATM’s per day.

Are Restrictions On Withdrawing Easing After Dec 30...?

From sources, we are getting information withdrawal limit will change from 2,500 to 4,500 per day, 24,000 to 40,000 per week/month and 2000 to 4000 In ATM’s. If this is happening Indians will be happy. If limits changed then also, indians have problems from banks because of RBI. RBI doesn’t print new notes as old notes so to speed up this process RBI making tenders from 22nd Dec. So in this way Modi is trying help people after his foolishness and planless decision.



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