RGV jokes about former Prime Ministers kicks off row


Given his proclivities to make sagas out of news items, and legends out of Tom, Dick, and Harry, one only hopes Ram Gopal Varma is not mooting a pseudo-historical on the basis of an innocuous pic he has spotted.  The pic, which recently was widely shared on social media, features Sonia Gandhi and three former Indian Prime Ministers.  While the latter are seen sharing a lighter moment, RGV has this jocular interpretation to make!

“Whoever these three men are, I am shocked they are cracking dirty jokes about such a classy dignified woman whoever she is,” he tweets.  The great saint RGV then says, “This pic represents inner psyche of Indian men’s disrespect for women ..Police should investigate who they are.”  He further jokes, “Backbenchers are always bad whether in school or parliament.  Don’t know who these three are, but they look worse than each.”









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