Rs 50,000 Penalty After December 30th For Holding Old Notes 500 and 1000 

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Central Government Banned 500 and 1000 Notes, The Deadline For Depositing 500 and 1000 Notes in Bank Will  End By December 30th. As Per Reports If You are Holding Old Notes With You Government Going to Give Biggest Shock For You. 

The Reports are Saying that If You are Holding More Than 10 Notes after December 30th Government Going to Take Serious Action and There Will Be Penalty of Minimum Rs 50,000 this is the Very High Amount. This is Just Latest Info, There is No Official Information About It. We Have To Wait for Few More Days For Official Information.

Our Prime Minister Announced Notes Banning on November 8th, After that RBI Officers Announced You Can Deposit Old Notes Till March 31st, 2017. Central Government and RBI Changed The Rules till Now 60 Times. From December 30, There Will Going Announce New Cash Rules.

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