All Set For Ram Gopal Varma’s Arrest?

All set for controversy king director Ram Gopal Varma’s arrest soon. We all know that he has done a film with porn star Mia Malkova and he faced many problems to release this. With that film, he tried to give some message to all with that. He earned more than Rs 11 crores over the internet and got success in financial status.

We all know that women’s organizations and public associations were angry on Ram Gopal Varma. In recent press debate, Ram Gopal Varma crossing his limits, and he has been criticized women’s community. Mainly, Devi, a female activist, while she was speaking, Ram Gopal Varma said I will put you and make a film GST 2.

On this issue, Devi filed a case against Ram Gopal Varma. According to the Police Department, the file of the arrest warrant is now ready for the case. No matter what the matter is to be ignored, the women’s union leaders have not come up with any information about the case at the police. The police were eventually reacted to the growing day by day. Maybe this next week police are planning to arrest Ram Gopal Varma.

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