Sourav Ganguly Feels Point Blank Gun

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Sourav Ganguly The Prince of Calcutta and Calcutta Peoples Dada, Has faced a Point Blank Gun at his Head. Ganguly writes his autobiography book named “A Century Is Not Enough.” this book has released in the market. In this book, Ganguly writes about his experiences in cricket and sad moments. This book starts with the 1996’s 1st test experience. In this book, there an Awful Experience of Ganguly. Which will give goosebumps to every Indian. In between the test matches One day Ganguly wants to meet his relatives in England.

Sourav Ganguly Feels Point Blank Gun

So to meet his relatives Ganguly and Sidhu planned to go there by a ground terrain from Cavendish to Pinner. While they were in terrain, there is bunch college guys who were drinking a beer. In this batch, there are two men and three women. Of the man throw out the beer on Ganguly. Ganguly didn’t respond to him and take out beer bottle throw it out. But the Sidhu want to kick that man Ganguly say to be calm. After the man starts scolding the Ganguly and Sidhu, Ganguly didn’t want nonsense to happen so keep and kept Sidhu calm. But in mean, while on of the man take out Gun. And point the gun to Ganguly’s head, Ganguly think this is his life’s last day. But one of the strong girl from group takes a gun and keep that man calm. Then the terrain station arrived then Ganguly and Sidhu Wolk out from there. 

Sourav Ganguly Feels Point Blank Gun

This experience was shared in his book by Ganguly if that woman doesn;t came that day he may be he died now. So Ganguly experienced the death in England on his 1st test match. Ganguly right working in Indian cricket board as a player selector and many roles. Wanna knows about Ganguly just buy the book “A Century Is Not Enough.”

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