Super Weight Loss Roti Diet Plan Within 15 Day’s

There is a super weight loss roti diet plan in the existed system. We can lose weight within 15 day’s  if we follow this roti for 15 day’s continuously, oats which mainly gives a grand diet plan. This roti is a combination of all the eating flours which were mainly oats, wheat flour, Beasen, Crushed Peanuts, all with distinct quantities, add coriander leaves and chilies for additional taste  to the roti


  • 1 Cup WheatFlour
  • 1/4th Beasen
  • 1/3rd Crushed Peanuts
  • 1/4th Oats
  • Crushed Coriander Leaves
  • Small Chilli Pieces


Blend all the above ingredients into a dough, make it like a chapati serve it with a chilled raita. Eat this roti for 15 day’s continuously intake three medium size roti’s at a time without any gap. Let us watch this video for the detailed understanding.

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