TDP Minister Narayana’s Son Died In Road Accident

Andhra Pradesh TDP Minister Narayana’s son Nishit and his friend Ravi Varma met with a Road Accident in Hyderabad. According to report the Benz Car number is TS07SK7117 Rammed into a metro pillar in jubilee hills Road no 36 at 3 am this morning. Nishit and his friend Ravi Varma who was in a car both die at a spot. Both of them taken to the Apollo Hosptial But there is no use. The Surrounding seen People are saying That Due to over speed this Accident happened. 


On the other hand, There was a sudden change in the weather which resulted in heavy rain and wind in the city and all roads became wet. Unexpectedly she lost the control of Vehicle due to over speed.

Recently Nishit held the responsibility as the director of Narayana Group Institution, His father Narayan Who is in London tour will return to the Nellore to Night. Meanwhile TDP leader and Relative went to Hospital to pay last respect to the Deceased. 

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