This Vishaka Movement is for Special Status Or For Political advantage

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Andhra Pradesh has illegal political facts in wind values. Pettenduku political purposes, at the expense of the interests of the party .“People Seeing like I am a Mad Person” is locked

In Tamil Nadu, the party used the issue of controversy in recent Jallikattu. Here, too, as well as the lack of youth involvement in the inflammatory against party activists are working openly. The slogan of the right to a special status spike Andra Pradesh Visakhapatnam RK Beach, took the occasion of the Republic Day Candle Vasili Yuvaneta jagan mohan Reddy expressed full support for the show.

For the implementation of the guarantee given special status as a witness spike Parliament YSR CP says Congress leader said that in the last three years and continue to fight . New Delhi has made the fight for special status, which is actually a well-known YSP ..? Why More is indulging in provocative attempt the youth ..?

There is a strong reason for it. … No matter how many trouble to track back to the state of the economy, to provide employment to unemployed youth in the state, Naidu is always working hard to become the leader of the Vision. The world’s leading companies to bring investments, using his power are working. The meeting will be held corporate investments  Visakhapatnam.

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