Tollywood Condemns TDP Leader Comments

Tollywood Condemns TDP Leader Comments: The TDP leaders have condemned the comments made by a channel anchor on the film industry.

The media meeting was held in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Senior director, producer Thammareddy Bharadwaja tipped the TDP leaders. 

“People in the NTR’s party are brutally making similar comments. The comments of the TDP leaders have hurt us. Before talking about the hero heroines, someone should think twice and talk. However, In the past, some have made similar comments. Do not encourage such media people, “said Thammareddy. 

Tollywood Condemns TDP Leader Comments

Meanwhile, In this press meet director N Shankar, MAA president Shivaji  Raja, heroine Rakul Preet Singh and actress Lakshmi Prasanna participated in the program. 

Tollywood Condemns TDP Leader Comments
Tollywood Condemns TDP Leader Comments

What they have said in the Press Meet: –

  • Channel ownership should take action on an anchor who comments on the film members – Thammareddy Bharadwaja.
  • You need our photos. You need our interviews. You come to our studios. But how much is it to be correct? – Supriya.
  • If you ask me about casting the couch, I would like to say, I have not faced such situations. My Parents doesn’t know Telugu. If they know Telugu, they will not allow me to act in Telugu films – Rakul Preet Singh.
  • We will go to the shooting without even counting the illness. Why is it that the press club does not condemn such a bad thing about us? Please think of us positively and talk good about us. – Lakshmi Manchu.
  • Everyone in my house all is doctors and engineers. I came into the movies alone. My friend from the USA called me and said has 24 hours of interview and you have no minimum response. “Sigguleda”? just die, he said. However, What is the situation when such programs come to the house when watching TV with family members at home? – Director Nandini Reddy.
  • You will do programs by using film members. You will scold them. Not to mention, In the case of Sridevi too badly behaved in rating. In the meantime, What happened two days later? One of the girl from industry and gave 3 hours live. Is this correct? – Gemini Kiran.
  • Senior NTR founded the Party TDP, Bala Krishna is the MLA, in TDP one MLA used abused words about our film industry. Did he ever see a single movie in the theater by buying a ticket? – Sivaji Raja.
  • Everybody needs cinema. In the rest of the time, they will do anything for TRP rating. Coming to the websites, there was not even a small news about this. Is this is correct? – Actress Swapna Dutt.

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