Trump:  Let  It  Be  A  Arms  Race

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Americans elected President Donald Trump has already had a bad opinion on from other countries since he was elected. Donald recently on Twitter tweeted about the Nuclear bombs that America should expand in a region of nukes. This statement created some buzz around it. Now recently in an interview on MSNBC Donald been asked by the interviewer about that tweet then Donald answer Shocked the whole world.

Trump:  Let  It  Be  A  Arms  Race

Donald says if it was about nukes then let it be a arms race. Donald already many times speak about the nuclear weapons and their expansion in America. For the tweet that posted by Donald has been asked to the Russian President Putin. Putin said we are also unyielding than our enemy. No matter in which category we are very stable than our opponent says, Putin. So trumps tweet shaking the Russia also. We know that if the President of United States means President of all world.

Trump:  Let  It  Be  A  Arms  Race

In Nov Donald has been gain victory from his opponent Hillary Clinton. Donald is a gigantic businessman in America. Donald has his hotel named as “Trump Tower.” He was famous for abusing women in public many times. Now Americans select Trump as their president.   


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