Uber Stars Self-Driving Car Feet In San Francisco

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Self-Driving car a dream of many corporate companies is now wheeling at San Francisco. The digital taxi organization Uber has introduced its self-driving car to people and started the taxi services. This service is only for the customers who request the Uber-X services, the lowest used Uber vehicle. The Uber CEO Said car is a Volvo XC90 SUV if this available at the time of the demand for service can accommodate this car for three passengers.

San Francisco is one of the busiest cities in the world. Introducing the sl=elf driving car is a significant risk factor. Uber Officials said their self-driving car functions very well its sensor are like eyes of humans. It decodes everything as it is. 

Uber Stars Self-Driving Car Feet In San Francisco

The Self-driving car is a one of the biggest flop technology of 2016. Because while testing the self-driving car it did so many accidents, due to this 40+ persons were died in one accident. Google also starts self-driving car program but it some negative thinks. So Google working on that to sort out the problems of the cars.



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