US government shuts down for second time in three weeks

US government once again shut down for the second time in three weeks, as Republican senator blocked Congress from meeting a midnight deadline to fund federal agencies. The trump’s government activities will stop working. The government will close the government offices late this night, as the country’s Congress has not granted a crucial Budget.

The federal funding bill ended last night. But the new monetary policy is to be passed. The House of Representatives has to pass the new bill along with the Senate. But if the Senate approves, the bill will be approved by the House.

Republican Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul stalled the Senate vote which lead to US Government shutdown, Rand Pual who wanted to express frustration that his party was pushing legislation that would boost the deficit despite having spent many years criticising Democrats for doing just that.

The Congress (Senate, House of Commons), are in White House and Trump government control. In January, the Monetary Policy Bill was not approved by the government for three days.


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