Vangaveeti New Trailer Tension In TDP

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Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma’s “Vangaveeti” is creating tension in Telugu Tesham Party. Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) is releasing his movie “Vangaveeti” on 23rd Dec. this movie was entirely based on Vijayawada’s rowdy backdrop from 1980 to 1990’s. this movie was made based real life events of vangaveeti ranga. now this movie creating some tension in Telugu Tesham Party.

Ram Gopal Varma released the new trailer today (21st Dec) in this trailer varma shows the character of murali and In trailer one scene contains with yellow flags and convoys, this is the scene that creating some buzz in Telugu Tesham Party. because at that time Telugu Tesham Party is leading party and Sr.NTR is the CM. Telugu Tesham Party members thinking that there may be Sr.NTR’s character in this movie.

The film censor board give a clean chit U/A certificate for this movie. So RGV create some tension in Telugu Tesham Party members also. yesterday RGV’s “Siva To Vangaveeti” also creating some posts around the social media. So RGV is on news everyday without any reason by his dashing talent.



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