Varun Tej Hiked His Remuneration

In Tollywood Film Industry, Mega heroes are in top range. They have a huge fan following, But the only thing is Out Chiranjeevi, Naga Babu, and Pawan Kalyan, Only Chiranjeevi, and Pawan Kalyan got huge craze. Naga Babu settled on TV Shows and serials. To full his dream his son Varun Tej doing a super job. From past years, Naga Babu family was low in terms of income.

At present Varun Tej giving back to back hits. He got huge remuneration for Fida, and Toliprema movies. For each movie his remuneration is Rs 2.5 Crores, recently he bought a car for his father Naga Babu. Now, he was giving back to back hits, so that his market also increased. If the market was increased then everyone will hike their remuneration, same as Varun hiked his remuneration.

As per the inside info, Varun next film remuneration was Rs 4 Crores. The upcoming film will be seen in complete action episodes, at present he was ready to go Kazakhstan. here will be a workout for weight loss for the next movie with Sankalp. He will stay there for one month.

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