Vishakapatanam: Apple to your Eye

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Visakhapatnam that’ll often be called Vizag, is called after God Vaishaka. Though regarded as an industrial town, Vizag includes a lively and wealthy tradition and history. Famous leaders, for example, Ashoka Raya was an area of the old Kalinga Kingdom and dominated the town. Throughout the 18th-century, the town was a community. Nowadays, Vizag holds its present and the past effortlessly, which makes it a fascinating and appealing town to invest vacations.

Inheritance of Vizag: Apart from this Vizag is blessed with natural splendor, with perfect seashores along its shoreline slope runs and luxurious valleys. Sri Venkateswara Konda surrounds the city. Each mountain houses a shrine focused on three different beliefs. The Venkateswara Konda houses the Venkateswara Temple, which will be focused on Lord Shiva; Ross Hillside houses Virgin Mary’s Church along with the Dargah Konda hosts the tomb of a Muslim saint called Baba Ishaq Madina Dargah.

So this land is gifted to Andhra people and also who are in love with nature, for those people here the top most places to visit in this vacation to immense pleasure to your eyes.


Few know about its lifetime besides the locals. Thotlakonda can be a secluded seaside spot that is typically seldom packed. You will note that this place is stunning and peaceful, spurring love in visuals. Abandoned huts silent sea waves and sun-kissed climate should stir your spirit. A and someone special must visit.

2. Araku Valley

Araku Valley will be known about by many people in India. This stunning chilled-out area situated above the ocean level at 900m is spread over a place of 36 kms. The area is just an incredible location to savor the hilly environment and an ideal area about the Western Ghats. The standard meal organized within the bamboos, Bamboo Poultry(famous for bamboo chicken) isn’t to be overlooked.

3.Borra Caves

Adventurers and travel seekers must go to the famous Borra caves. Positioned on the east coast inside the near location of Araku, Borra caves are exclusive within their conditions. These caves weas found by William King George of India’s research. Considered to be one of many largest caves in Asia, Borra caves have limestone houses that expand to a depth of 80 m.

There was situated within the cave a little temple thought to be built from the residents commemorating a spiritual event that once occurred in the area. Based on the common story there was which a cow grazing on the caves’ top fallen within the top via a pit. While cowherd searched for the cow, he discovered the caves and discovered a stone.

4.Yarada beach

Seashore is the factor and if you should be in Vizag, Yarada ought to be inside your tick-list. Surrounded by slopes on three attributes and also Bengal’s Bay about the next, Yarada is saturated in sands and rich vegetables. A visitor place towards the attention with pure aesthetic pleasure.  Yarada can also be a favorite to fully capture nature’s stunning sights of dawn over petite and sea shoreline.

5.Dolphins Nose

An average model ambassador of Vizag, Dolphin’s Nose can also be a tourist position that needs to become examined. .The brand continues to be derived from the material that resembles a nose’s design. The area is used by tourists to find beautiful glimpses of the city from the view that was higher. The spot includes a lighthouse that watches and trails vessels from about 65 kilometers distance.

6.Rishikonda Beach

It’s beautiful adventure was recognized for by beach that was favored; Rishikonda beach is properly-visited by guests the growing season that was overall. Main industrial attractions are also offered by the seaside like water sports, apart from hotels and keep. the natives consider as one of the popular weekend getaways Rishikonda.

7.Bhimili Beach

Unique and correct, Bhimli or Bheemunipatnam is just a fisherman’s house. Lined along an attractive shoreline of the ocean and with numerous fishermen huts, some rare and old Buddhist monuments which have been well preserved till day are also housed by Bhimili. In case you have buddies in anglers who’ll voluntarily hire you a ship to get a nominal cost, Bhimli can also be tremendous fun.

8.Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park occupies a sprawling 625 miles of territory. The spot of the zoo is enchanting when you discover foothills on both attributes of the zoo and Bay of Bengal to its east. Situated in this setting that is normal, the zoo looks quite definitely home. The zoo houses a wide array of pets including tigers, elephants, panthers, Himalayan bear hippopotamus, monkeys, pythons, dinosaurs and a whole lot more.

Then just pack your bags to Vizag wonders to rejuvenate your body and soul.


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