Why Anasuya was Sobbing…?

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TV anchor Anasuya was spotted crying heavily. this year so many bad thing happened that create sad faces for some actors, actress in film industry also in TV industry. Anasuya has got her stardom by doing Game Shows and Reality Shows in Tv. Anasuya got her stardom mainly because of chuckle program “Jabardasth”. Now she spotted crying at jabardasth DOP Pachha Madhu’s Funereal.

Pachha Madhu is a Cameraman for Jabardasth from last two weeks he been suffering from health problems, his been joined in ICU at tirupathi. yeasterday pachhamadhu has died. after this whole Jabardasth unit is been shock. and they appeared for paccha madhu’s funereal at tirupathi.

Here anasuya started crying, till the speech event in speeach also doesn’t stop sobbing.In speech she said that paccha madhu was very dear to her and his Jabardasth team she prayed for his soul to be in rest in peace. anasuya sobbing video gone viral into social media.

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